Friday, February 4, 2011

Observation: How working in an Art Gallery can be like a scavenger hunt

Working behind the scenes in an art gallery is like playing a game of scavenger hunt.  There are days when you have maps, or records, that tell you exactly where the treasure, or object in question, is.  Then there are other days where you are forced to work with various clues that might in the end take you nowhere.   One could argue that this is because the worker is unorganized.  However, I would beg to differ.  Sometimes the worker has to deal with so much information coming in from excessive amounts of sources. Imagine cleaning your room, and every other day you get a new package of books or random things that you have to store in your room as well.  It might get chaotic pretty fast.* Imagine this chaos in organizing on a grander scale.  Any museum would have thousands upon thousands of objects that they must work with.  Many of which has their own histories, functions and burdens that one would have to take account of.  Diving through the physical and digital information can turn into an epic adventure leading to a "mysterious holy grail."**

Working within an art gallery is no different.  One must take into account all the works and there history as well as their supposed location.  In some instances, objects seem to travel on their own accord to wherever they wish to go.  

Therefore, one needs to put on her explorer's hat and keep her eyes open during the elusive journey through the information jungle.       
One of my favorite movie series of all time. 
Nothing beats historical fiction, adventure and a really great hat 

*To me those people that are always tidy and organized are rare and unnatural, or in the very least dedicated to their cause  
**What I mean is finding something fantastic that you would have never thought you would have discovered

Song of the Day: Mike Posner Please Don't Go

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