Sunday, March 27, 2011

Middle of the semester Reflection

Song of the Day: Beth Ditto I Wrote the Book 

          I can't believe that it is already at the final week of March.  Only yesterday, I was just starting my classes and my internship in January.
On March 23rd, as part of my internship, I had to create a short presentation that essentially summarizes what I am currently working on and my goals for the future. (If you want to see a digital copy of the prezi that I made for this click: presentation draft.  It’s really rough and without any presentation notes.) This presentation was both short and a casual occasion, with an open Q & A for suggestions for improvement.    
In addition to what I did, I also had the opportunity to hear some of my fellow classmates who were also working on internships in our department. If you are interested in their projects you should check out their blogs: Bess's and Jacob's. (Bess is a future art historian in my grade and Jacob is an English major almost graduate.  Both are fantastic people to meet with dynamic personalities.) It’s exciting to know that there is a great variety of internships this semester in our department. Then again, art majors (in this case art history folks) all have different interests and career objectives. If everyone was working on the same thing, the art field wouldn't be the progressive, evolving field that it is.   
Already this semester has seemed to fly by.  However, all this paperwork just continues to pile up. My goals are to finish this semester as strong as I can. I only have a few more reports and research blog posts to go. Wish me luck! (Although this task may mean that I might have to work another year but it will be worth it.)

What is a better project than working with artworks with such diverse histories/stories? 
Its not everyday one could say they encountered both an Rembrandt or contemporary artist Djawid Borower at their office.  

Image sources: my own

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  1. Devon, Thanks for the post and for providing a link to your presentation. You've got a good plan for the remainder of the semester. Keep up the good work and finish strong!