Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Brancusi

Song of the Day: Loops Haunt Dusk Mechanics (Samoyed Mix)

Today is Constantin Brancusi's 135th birthday, and to celebrate it Google has changed its logo:

Google is celebrating Constantin Brancusi's 135th birthday by changing the logo to the artist's famous works.
The logo that I saw while I was web surfing through Google

Brancusi has been one of my favorite modern sculptor for his simplicity and minimalism. Although his early influences include Rodin, Brancusi simplified his style to its basic abstractions creating works that revel only the essentials. Looking for the essentials should be a key task for my internship this semester.  I need to learn to look beyond the clutter and to create an organized system that I can follow.   

Happy Birthday Brancusi! 
Brancusi, Mademoiselle Pogany
Mademoiselle Pogany, 1912
Image citation:

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